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Create your clonezilla bootable USB drive

Before cloning your drive

  • Remove unwanted files and softwares

Prepare your system (Windows)

  • Run C:\\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe
    • OOBE
    • Check Generalize
    • Shutdown

Clone the disk

  • Boot on your Clonezilla live USB
    • Other modes of Clonezilla live
    • To RAM
  • Select your language
  • Start Clonezilla
  • Select device-image
  • Then "mount a local device" : local_dev
    • Plug your external HDD, wait for 5 secs and type Enter
  • Chose a mountpoint for the image destination
    • Chose the drive
    • Then the directory
  • Chose the mode (Beginner or Expert) - Beginner
  • Select savedisk
  • Name your image
  • Check the drive you want to clone
  • If your FS is a linux based, you have the choice to realize a check (Optional)
  • Verify the image
  • Do you want to crypt the image ?
  • Last checks, Now type y to run create your image

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