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Welcome on techUnit's Wiki
Categories Articles

Create your own DNS with Bind
OpenLDAP Guide
OpenVPN Guide
OpenSSH Guide
SSL/SSH Multiplexer with SSLH
Document-oriented Database - MongoDB
Configure HA nodes with Keepalived
Startup Guide for Puppet Orchestration
Proxy Squid basics
HAProxy - TCP and HTTP Load balancer


Nginx - High performance web server
Apache web server - basic HowTo
Optimize your web performance with Varnish Cache
Free Web SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt
A minimal configuration for PHP-FPM
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Useful Links and Tools
Gatling - Load testing


Samba sample config
ceph cluster installation
Network volume Replication - DRBD
Logical Volume Management partitioning (LVM)
NFS memo
Monitore HDD state with SMART


CA made easy - easy-rsa
Home made CA - OpenSSL
Docker - Manage Containers
IPTables firewalling (partial)
Optimized firewall management - Shorewall
tar memo
Encrypt a file with gpg
Clone your Drives with Clonezilla
Configure your IPMI interface using command line

Tips ans Tricks

Backup and restore Zimbra
Python - Virtualenv
Bash scripting tips
MySQL - Useful command lines
vim - Regex
Network - Static configuration
Bash - string manipulation
apt-get - Restore default config file
Upgrade distribution
How to make a bootable USB under with command lines
Create a storage pool on KVM
Encrypt your /home partition with LUKS
Automatize your server security updates with unattended-upgrades
Hot to add subtitles to a MKV file using mkvmerge

Riding the earth